Peate Kurin was a Human male Imperial TIE pilot who served the Galactic Empire until he joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a member of Twilight Squadron during the Galactic Civil War.


In 1 BBY, Kurin was a member of Twilight Squadron who was stationed on the Rand Ecliptic. He committed mutiny with Biggs Darklighter and several of his co-pilots and made their escape until they found Derek Klivian as their new commander. Kurin joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and was sent by General Jan Dodonna on mission to X-Wing starfighters on the Incom Corporation. In the risky mission, he was one of the decoy pilots that bailed out of their astromech-controlled TIEs to sit floating in space, waiting for pick-up. A stray shot from a passing Imperial fighter struck him in the head, killing him instantly.



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