"Sir, if we do anything, we'll die. Now either side may have a use for dead heroes, but I don't think the heroes will get much out of it."
―Cadet Pedetsen[src]

Pedetsen was a Cadet in the Imperial Navy during one of the most pivotal battles in the history of the Rebellion. A crew member of OSETS 2711, He served under Lieutenant Virar Needa during Rogue Squadron's liberation of Coruscant. When Rogue Squadron hijacked OSETS 2711, Pedetsen did nothing, at first believing that it was routine transfer, at Needa's insistence. However, when the mirror was used to burn a hole through a Golan III Space Defense Platform, Pedetsen and the rest of OSETS 2711's realized their real role in the day's battle.

When the New Republic fleet arrived in atmosphere, Lieutenant Needa quickly called for the crew of the mirror to man their battle stations, and to prepare to resist the Rebel assault. Cadet Pedetsen, however, had a clear enough head to realize that their mirror had no weapons, so stood no chance against the overwhelming firepower of the invasion fleet. Instead, he advocated that they wait and turn themselves over to the new management, realizing that the New Republic would need experienced mirror crews if it was to run Coruscant successfully. He even gave Lieutenant Needa an idea that allowed him to save face in light of his cousin, Lorth Needa's, death, by way of Lorth's "secret rebel sympathies."


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