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Peerce was a male Skrilling Jedi Master serving the Jedi Order during the final years of the Republic Classic era. He was one of Jedi hunter Aurra Sing's earlier kills.


A Force-sensitive Skrilling, Peerce was accepted into the Jedi Order for training during which time he was educated in the ways of the Force; eventually becoming a Jedi Knight. During his time as a Knight, Jedi Peerce studied as an investigator, constructing for himself an amber-bladed lightsaber before achieving the rank of Jedi Master.[1]


J'Mikel discovers Peerce's corpse.

In 30 BBY Master Peerce was dispatched into the Coruscant underworld with Knight J'Mikel and his Padawan Xiaan Amersu to search for the Jedi hunter, Aurra Sing. After trailing the ex-Jedi for some time, the group discovered a slain squad of Republic Peace Officers; obviously Sing's handiwork. Splitting up, Peerce was attacked by the bounty hunter and received a slash across the chest, spilling his insides out. Sing hung up the Skrilling's body in a macabre display in cabling hanging in an ally way.[1]



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