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"You know, any time you want me to look over your ship – make sure no more parts are falling off – I can always help."
―Peet Deretalia, to Theo Meltsa[src]

Peet Deretalia was a female human tech officer who served the Resistance during its conflict with the First Order. She was attracted to the pilot Theo Meltsa.[1]

Unbeknownst to her, Meltsa returned her affections, but the two did not act on their feelings, but instead observed each other from afar in a Resistance starfighter hangar. The astromech droid BB-8 took notice of their mutual infatuation for each other, and tricked them into speaking to each other by constantly sabotaging Meltsa's starfighter, then bumping into Deretalia until she fell on top of Meltsa. Deretalia then helped repair Meltsa's starfighter, noticing the motivator had become disengaged. Afterward, she invited Meltsa to eat in the mess hall, and he accepted. Deretalia recognized BB-8's role in connecting the two, and before leaving, she thanked BB-8 and kissed him.[1]

Peet Deretalia was acquainted with the chef in the Resistance mess hall and thought highly of his cooking. She spoke highly of his food when inviting Meltsa to their date.[1]



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