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Pel Talon was a Force-sensitive Human male Imperial senator who was in the lines to be promoted to the rank of Grand Moff under Emperor Palpatine's Galactic Empire.


Senator Pel Talon always had a fascination with the "old ways"; a time when there was royalty, and matters of honor were dealt with through blood-spilling. He was especially interested in what he called the "brutal, honest" nature of said times (although he was personally willing to use deceit and subterfuge to further his own goals).

As if to relive these days, he had taken up residence in an ancient castle on a planet in the Mid Rim which had been in his family for generations, and had maintained the motif wherever possible. To that end, whatever technology he had on his premises (for he was not so foolish as to have none on his premises, especially when it came to technology for his troops) had been disguised to look as old as as possible. Even the force shield which surrounded the castle had been disguised so it wouldn't be recognized.

Additionally, he had studied the ways of the Force, going so far as to meet with Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader to enhance his gifts. It is assumed that this is when he received his lightsaber, for he did not craft it himself. When going into combat, he wielded both his lightsaber, and a Heavy blaster pistol, as well as donning his personal Archaic Armor which had strength enhancers in the gauntlets.

Soon after Palpatine founded his Galactic Empire, Pel Talon discovered Mon Mothma trying to flee to the Outer Rim Territories. Thanks to Imperial Security Bureau agents, he discovered her location and, although the ISB Agents were unable to capture Mothma, he captured her himself and took her to his castle where she would be kept in his archaic dungeon. He tried to keep this abduction a secret, hoping to exploit the situation in the near future when all of the chaos had calmed down, and he was sure of who was in charge of the Empire. To this end, he contacted a captain of a Victory I-class Star Destroyer with whom he went a long way back with, and managed to convince him to use his Star Destroyer to guard the castle.

However, a group of Alliance to Restore the Republic operatives managed to free Mon Mothma from Talon's prison. It is unknown what happened to him after this failure.