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For other uses, see Pelagia (disambiguation).

Pelagia was a New Republic troopship under the command of Captain Tekba.[1]


It was an old hulk by the standards of its captain, who estimated that his vessel required about half an hour to reach lightspeed.[1]


It was carrying 100,000 soldiers, as well as their ground equipment and armor, to the Outer Rim to aid in the besieging of an Imperial shipyard in 11 ABY.[1]

The ship was linking up with a X-wing flight group based out of the Ottegan system when Captain Tekba received word from General Lando Calrissian that it was going to be hit by a missile, shot from Emperor Palpatine's Galaxy Gun.[1]

When Tekba brought up that the craft couldn't escape in time, Calrissian urged him to attempt to destroy it. Despite its fighters and defensive guns putting up a valiant effort, the missile still hit Pelagia and destroyed the vessel, along with its crew and passengers.[1] It was another triumph of Palpatine, who had already destroyed at least one troopship before her.[2]



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