The Pelagia Freedom Force or PFF was a small Rebel Alliance cell that operated in the Tapani sector and was lead by a native of Pelagon, Zanthe Nadia. The PFF was not based in the Pelagia Province but on Nista in the Cadriaan Province where it had two safehouses. It also had several other branches throughout the sector including safehouses on Neona and Vycinyth.

The cell had several spies on the resort world of Vycinyth in the Barnaba Province. Since most of the ruling class of the Tapani sector eventually came to Vycinyth it was an excellent place to acquire information. Nadia also placed a number of agents on the workforce of the Imperial Torpedo Sphere in orbit around Tallaan.

Along with its safehouses, the cell also had two shuttles and two Y-wings.


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