Pellezara station was a 40-kilometer long floating space city in the Duro system that serviced the many large freighters that brought supplies to the planet Duro. It was owned by the parents of Tarrin Datch, who often put on flight shows to keep the freighter pilots from boredom.


The space station was a stop over maintenance point for freighters en route to the planet Duro. While their ships were being serviced in Pellezara's maintenance bays, bored pilots frequently attended flight shows put on by the station's owners, the Datch family. These shows involved souped up cargo-flitters and tugs, and were performed in areas crowded with free-floating service bays and containers. These obstacles were what made the shows spectacular to watch. The Datch's were often assisted in performing these shows by their children, including the talented Tarrin Datch.

In 1 BBY, a seemingly mundane freighter docked at Pellezara's main tower for restocking. The seventeen-year-old Tarrin was responsible for replacing gravity disks in the freighter's deckplates when he dismantled a particularly stubborn plate, only to find a hidden compartment containing a wounded Human female. She called herself Jan Ors. In her ill, delirious state, Ors mentioned to Datch that her freighter held a cargo full of prime-grade fuel slugs stolen from the Galactic Empire that were to be delivered to the Rebellion.

When the Empire discovered the theft of their fuel slugs, and followed the freighter to Duro, Datch knew he could not allow the cargo to fall back into Imperial hands. The freighter's crew had disembarked from their ship, and Datch was the only pilot aboard. He broke away from the station's main tower, much to the dismay of the stranded crew, and headed for open space with an Imperial Gamma-class assault shuttle in close pursuit. Datch was able to evade the shuttle by steering the freighter through heavy traffic as though it were a starfighter, soon entering hyperspace to leave Pellezara behind for good. Ors directed Datch to a secret Rebel base on the planet Dantooine. Finding safe harbor with the Rebellion, Datch went on to train as a fighter pilot.


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