The Pendant of Bone, is worn by Biddeck-Va

"The Pendant of Bone? It is a charm. No monetary value or power."
―Biddeck-Va, unaware of Pendant's true purpose.[src]

The Pendant of Bone was a Voss artifact that served as a key to the gates of Hall of the Unforgotten in the Dark Heart of the Nightmare Lands, where the Emperor's Voice was trapped for years by Sel-Makor. In 3641 BBY the Pendant was in possession of Voss commando Biddeck-Va, who was unaware of its function. When the Emperor's Wrath, sent by Madaga-Ru, asked Biddeck-Va for the Pendant, the Commando merely asked the Sith to kill a Gormak warmaster for him. After the deed was done, Biddeck-Va simply handed over the key of the prison cell to the most powerful individual in the galaxy over to Wrath.


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