The Penetrator MB-450 was a high powered sporting blaster designed by Luxan Personal Armaments, Ltd..

A powerful target blaster with a negligible stun setting, the MB-450 was in actuality a hunting pistol;[2] using a double-nested set of precision galven coils to focus it's energy beam, the extremely accurate bolt produced is narrower than a normal blaster bolt, yet packs a powerful punch per shot that is out of proportion to the blasters class and energy requirements - approaching that of a regular blaster.[2][1] These weapons can be customized on order to the buyers whim, but are also marked with an identifier number indicating production details; often these numbers are obscured or removed.[2]

Designed to circumvent local governmental restrictions against citizens carrying military weapons, the weapon was considered to be a spies weapon of choice for it's power and accuracy, while not drawing attention to itself when inspected by authorities like many other heavier - but restricted - weapons.[5] For instance, it was the favored weapon of the Ithorian bounty hunter Bulduga.[6]



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