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The Security Officer at the Peragus Mining Facility oversaw the security of the station by the time of the Skirmish at Peragus II in 3951 BBY.


He was an extremely strict officer, as he wanted to make sure no weapons other then sonic charges or mining lasers were employed by mine personnel; otherwise, he threatened to give them a long walk out the airlock. This was because of what happened on Peragus II involving Peragium fuel. He was extremely suspicious of Coorta and had a supposedly strong dislike for him.

When Meetra Surik arrived at the facility aboard the battered Ebon Hawk and an HK-50 unit that presented himself as a mere protocol droid was placed down in maintenance, accidents began to occur involving droid malfunctions the maintenance officer could not explain. He was extremely angered that there was no explanation for the attacks, and he firmly believed that what was happening was sabotage and wanted the maintenance officer to find out who was sabotaging the droids. He also believed that whoever was doing this involved Surik, as the accidents began happening when the commander refused to sell the Jedi to the Exchange. He also asked the maintenance officer to gather all the sonic and ion charges he could find for security, as he knew he needed more than mining lasers to take out any rogue mining droids.

He installed an override switch to shut down any droids on the level, just in case the saboteur locked him out of the administration console. He tied the override switch into the circuits of the holding cell to make sure it could only be opened if all droids on the level were shut down. He also placed a stealth field generator in a footlocker in the security room, so he could sneak past the mining droids then shut them down using the override switch at the communications blister. He wanted to shut them down so that he could find out who was sabotaging them as well as turn the tables entirely.

Behind the scenesEdit

He, like the dock officer and the corpses in the kolto tanks, reuses an option for the player (Revan) from the original Knights of the Old Republic.


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