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"What an incredible smell you've discovered!"
Han Solo, ironically referring to Leia Organa's odor after falling into a garbage chute[src]

Perfumes were fragrant substances that sapient beings applied to themselves in order to give their bodies what they considered a pleasant scent. They were typically made from plants such as the jesmin[1] or the nlorna flower,[2] although elements of animal origin like the scent glands of a tirginni beast[3] or the costly ambergris vomited by the cetaceans of Doreen were also used.[4] Some perfumes were even based on the pheromones produced by sentients, in order to magnify the effects of the wearer's own.[5] In addition to providing an attractive scent, perfumes were also used to mask bad or excessive body odors.[6] There existed perfume for every taste: they could be sweet,[7] musky[8] or spicy.[9] The Human inhabitants of the planet Naboo were notably fond of perfumes and produced some of their own, which were notably sold at the Port Landien Perfumery.[10]



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