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Perlemian Trade Route
Perlemian Trade Route
Historical information
Date founded

c. 25,000 BBY

Astrographical information

Core Worlds[1] - Colonies[1] - Expansion Region[1] - Inner Rim[1] - Mid Rim[1] - Outer Rim Territories[1]


Corusca[2] - Azure[2] - Bormea[2] - Darpa[2] - Darlonn[2] - Orus[2] - Zeemacht Cluster[2] - Locris[2] - Lantillian[2] - Taldot[2] - Roche[2] - Talcene[2] - Eucer[2] - Maldrood[2] - Antemeridian[2] - Meridian[2] - Belderone[2] - Vorzyd[2] - Thanium[2] - Cronese Mandate[2] - Allied Tion[2] - Tion Hegemony[2] - Indrexu[2] - Nilgaard[2] - Colundra[2]

Stellar bodies

Besh Gorgon[1]

Start point


End point

Past Quermia[1]


Coruscant[1] - Alsakan[1] - Grizmallt[1] - Anaxes[1] - Corulag[1] - Chandrila[1] - Brentaal IV[1] - Esseles[1] - Rhinnal[1] - Ralltiir[1] - Delle[1] - Yabol Opa[1] - Ifmix VI[1] - Shulstine V[1] - Castell[1] - Raithal[1] - Vurdon Ka[1] - Joiol[1] - Chazwa[1] - Relatta[1] - Tirahnn[1] - Dalcretti[1] - Taanab[1] - Sermeria[1] - Carcel[1] - Pirin[1] - Gizer[1] - Lantillies[1] - Rearqu Cluster[1] - Jeyell[1] - Roche[1] - Orleon[1] - Talcene[1] - Salvara[1] - Euceron[1] - Abhean[1] - The Wheel[1] - Centares[1] - Antemeridias[1] - Budpock[1] - Columex[3] - Arcan IV[3] - Lianna[3] - Barseg[3] - Lorrad[3] - Desevro[3] - Kanaver[3] - Janodral Mizar[3] - Ank Ki'Shor[3] - Estaria[3] - Makem Te[3] - Quermia[3]


Corellian Run/Metellos Trade Route/Namadii Corridor/Koros Trunk Line[1] - Hydian Way/Commenor Run[1] - Vaathkree Trade Corridor[1] - Randon Run[1] - Salin Corridor/Triellus Trade Route[1] - Shaltin Tunnels[1] - Tion Trade Route[1] - Overic Griplink[1]

The Perlemian Trade Route, originally known as The Axis,[4] was a vital trade super-hyperroute that ran through the galaxy. Along with the Corellian Run, it was one of the two routes that made up the border of The Slice. It was founded c. 25,000 BBY, linking the young Galactic Republic with Ossus. The forces of the Republic and of the Tion Hegemony used the route extensively in their conflict of the Tionese War. The route took its name from the Perlemia system, located in the Core Worlds,[2] which in its early history produced the thousands of scout vessels that charted the route.[5]


It began at Coruscant and passed the worlds of Anaxes, Corulag, Brentaal IV, Carida, Nak Shimor, Taanab, Kulthis, Rhen Var, Sorjus, Vaynai, Makem Te, Ter Abbes, and terminated just past Quermia. It also passed the Roche asteroid field, The Wheel, and the Cron Drift.


The Route first connected Coruscant to Ossus, and Coruscanti reunited with the Jedi, the ascetic warriors who left the Core centuries ago and remained but a myth until then. The Route contributed to the growth of the Republic since civilizations and colonies sued for protection from the Tionese and Hutt Space. One unfortunate consequence of the discovery of routes such as the Perlemian Trade Route and their increased use was the increased obsolescence of large hyperspace hubs throughout the Mid and Outer Rims, and the accompanying impact such loss of commerce would have upon nearby systems.

Perhaps the most infamous example of this (to date) was the decline of the planet Taris after the Perlemian's increased use a couple of decades after the Great Sith War. With an increasing amount of traffic getting diverted to the hyperlane, Taris soon began a steep slide into decay, which would last until the planet's destruction by the Sith in the year 3956 BBY.

With the Corellian Run, it formed The Slice region of the Galaxy which was explored and populated easier and faster than other parts. Further expansion of the Route led it up to the Wild Space.

Cardan-class space stations were present at the crossroads between the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way.

Behind the scenesEdit

There seem to be two disparate accounts of the blazing of this hyperspace route. The first, and most referenced, points to a very early founding of the Route. The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons notes "The first galactic scouts struck out from the Core Worlds along two stable hyperspace paths - the Perlemian Trade Route and the Corellian Run," and Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds notes "A millennium after the fall of Xim the Despot, Human traders claiming to hail from the center of the galaxy visited the Tion . . . Tion pirate fleets followed the new arrivals back down their so-called Perlemian Trade Route; there, they found rich planets bound in a loose, democratic union - and ill prepared for war." The New Essential Chronology indicates the Route was mapped between 25,000 BBY and 24,000 BBY. The Essential Atlas further points out the Perlemian was formed at the time of the formation of the Republic and its Expansionist Period.

However, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic indicates a different history, suggesting that it was founded not long after the end of the Great Sith War, resulting in the decline of worlds like Taris. This may actually be in reference to the Perlemian Trade Corridor, a region of the Perlemian that was created by the subsequent shift of the Bolaaruus Pulsar Cluster.



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