"It seems that someone has provided them with permits to ambush us. Your questions seem to have someone on edge. Would any of you be interested in permits to defend yourselves against the attack?"
Fot Ducela[src]

A permitor was a professional bureaucrat operating in the city of Depatar, in the gas giant Genarius. A permitor operated for one or more visitors to the city, providing them with authorizations for whatever rights they might need.

The bureaucracy of Depatar was based in permits, documents that granted a person a specific right such as the right to bear blaster weapons, or to gamble, or to question another individual. A permit was valid only for an individual, not to anyone bearing it; as visitors were mandatory disguised while in Depatar, the permit identified the mask. As visitors were commonly unfamiliar with the local laws and norms, and at the same time punishment was severe (expulsion of the city, with or without a transport, for not having the proper permit), visitors were supposed to hire a permitor during the stay.

Permitors were familiar with the laws and were supposed to inform their clients about the permits they needed, and the prices for them. A permit could require up to four hours to approve; but some permitors were skillful forgers and could produce a fake permit in less than one minute. The local authorities, who were also crime lords, profited from both legal and illegal permits.

To avoid a constant harassment of visitors by potential permitors, every visitor could have only one permitor. The first person to sell a permitor to a guest became automatically that guest's official permitor, with first right to obtain successive permits for that person. Should the guest be dissatisfied with that permitor, the guest could ask for a transfer of representation permit and then hire a different permit. This also turned permitors into unofficial guides and dedicated workers.

Some permitors were affiliated to Houses or guilds. The permitor would try to lead the guests to business also affiliated to the same House.

Known permitors include Delan, Fot Ducela, Furran, Gusimin the Honest, Koyi Kobad, Maltok and Sadana. Known Houses to which permitors were associated include House Intari, House Keltal, House Pthen and House Renseth.