Perrin was a human female who served as a junior ensign in the Imperial Navy aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Inflictor. After the Battle of Endor, she and other teenaged cadets were made junior officers even though they were too young. During the Battle of Jakku, the Inflictor took heavy damage and was boarded by New Republic forces, leading its captain Ciena Ree to order the ships self-destruct. Perrin raised her concern, but the captain assured her the crew would make it to the escape pods and be rescued by the nearest Imperial vessel. Perrin herself initiated the ship's self destruct, but discovered that the New Republic boarding party had disabled it. Realizing she couldn't let the Inflictor fall into New Republic hands, Captain Ree ordered Perrin and the rest of the crew to their escape pod, and turned the Star Destroyer towards Jakku, planning to scuttle the ship by crashing it into the planet's surface.[1]

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