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Personal Droid Helpers, PD's or "Peteys" were droids developed by LeisureMech Industries and used on the planet Samaria.

They handled all of their user's personal accounts and monetary transactions, anything from buying a tea at the corner tapcaf to purchasing a speeder, all without the use of hard currency. The people of Samaria were so enamored with their PDs, that they never went anywhere without them and began to refer to them by the affectionate nickname of "Peteys".

An offworlder would be presented with their own "Petey" when they were said to have been "adopted" as an honorary Samarian, as was Bog Divinian before he was elected as the planet's ruler. His first official act was to discard his "Petey" and encouraged his fellow Samarians to do the same. They lined up by the hundreds to comply with the wishes of their new, and much beloved, leader, putting an end to the PDs service life.

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