The Personnel Skiff Model IV was a transport skiff built by Ubrikkian Industries. The Model IV was mostly a civilian vehicle, although it was adopted for military use by the Alliance to Restore the Republic ground forces.


The Personnel Skiff Model IV was a 17.1 meter-long open-topped repulsorlift transport skiff capable of reaching speeds of 100 kilometers an hour. The skiff required a crew of one, who sat in a seat at the left front corner of the vehicle and controlled it through the use of a joystick and throttle assembly. With a ground clearance of a meter, the Model IV could carry fifteen passengers and five hundred kilograms of cargo. New skiffs cost 23,000 credits to buy new, and 12,500 used. The craft was slow, sluggish to control, and vulnerable to attack. Skiffs operated by the Alliance to Restore the Republic tended to be faster than their civilian counterparts, and had a unichannel comlink installed.[1]


The Personnel Skiff Model IV was used by commercial interests as well as the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Despite the Alliance classifying the craft as a Light Mechanized Vehicle, it rarely entered combat. More commonly, the skiff was employed as a transport in Alliance bases and outposts, or behind the front lines, transporting soldiers and pilots and moving heavy cargo.[1]


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