"If you're looking for the best-defended black market in the galaxy, Petabys Station is the place to be...there are never pirate attacks and the place has enough defenses to hold off a small fleet. Of course, the rates are high, but what do you expect at a former battle station?"
―Comment overheard in The Broken Tusk[src]

Petabys Station was a space station housing a black market[1] in the Mid Rim's Halm sector.[2] It was a Rendili StarDrive FireStar orbital defense station originally used to defend mining operations on a small moon located at the edge of a binary system. After a cost/benefit analysis, the parent company of the mine chose to sell the station rather than move it, a decision bolstered by an aggressive sales campaign by space station developer Golan Arms. The station was purchased by Rodian black marketeer Uopled at a bargain price. Uopled modified the station to better serve its new role, converting cargo shuttle landing bays into freighter bays for his buyers and sellers, maintaining half of the stations fighter bays to house three squadrons of Z-95 Headhunters, and converting many core levels of the station into sales centers. All of the station's defensive systems were retained, ensuring anyone laying siege to it faced a protracted and challenging fight.[1]


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