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Pete Vandhaar, nicknamed "Left-Hander", was a male Human criminal, who operated as a pirate during the Galactic Civil War.


Vandhaar was born on Therpsis, a small mining planet. Deprived of any paternal presence, he suffered a difficult childhood and developed a heroic personality to compensate for his melancholia.

"Left-Hander" became an adventurer, a smuggler obsessed by the danger. He roamed the entire galaxy in search of thrill and credits.

During the Galactic Civil War, he was stationed on Providence as pirate captain.

Personality and traitsEdit

Pete Vandhaar was a cynical man who seemed to always have something to prove. His eyes harbored a constant scornful look, but he would always joke and babble with friendly manners, although he was highly opportunistic and calculating.

More sociable than his colleagues, Vandhaar was nonetheless a rash trickster. However, he was quite charismatic and managed to attract a loyal crew, which never used unnecessary violence.

He liked wearing pilot's gear, always had a heavy blaster on his left and a vibroblade in one of his boots. A small Cigarra never left his mouth.

Behind the scenesEdit

Pete Vandhaar was created by Jean-Michel Ringuet for the ambiguously canon roleplaying help "Providence" which appeared in the French magazine Avalon 1. He was illustrated by Jean-Marc Emy.