The Peth-class Shuttle was produced by Kuat Drive Yards. It was used to ferry prisoners from Prison ships to the surface of prison planets.



Peth-class Shuttle diagram.

The shuttle had no hyperdrive.

The cargo area (used to hold up to 40 prisoners) was featureless, equipped with simple benches with no safety restraints, and was isolated from the pilot compartment. Each area had its own entrance.

The heavy repeating blasters were retractable and were used just to keep ground forces at bay.


Purgatory-class prison ships were equipped with six Peth-class Shuttles used to ferry prisoners from orbit to Ord Vaxal surface. The shuttle would hover about 3 meters above the ground, open the rear cargo doors and give the prisoners 10 seconds to leave the ship before it took off to orbit, the cargo wouldn't close the cargo doors, exposing any remaining prisoner to space vacuum.

Behind the scenesEdit

The source doesn't state specific dates, but it hints the usage of the RPG material in the Rebellion Era. Purgatory prison ships date back to Rise of the Empire Era, however.