The Petrax Historic Quarter was a region on Coruscant. It was located near the Grand Reception Hall. An unremarkable area of skyscrapers north of Galactic City, it was one of the oldest continually inhabited areas of the planet. Archaeologists believed that Coruscant's vertical architecture began there before spreading out, and although the ancient structures had long been crushed into the rubble that later buildings sat atop, core samples recovered by the archaeologists included cups, styluses, and lightsaber handles. Treasure seekers could also find the occasional relic in the lower levels. The district, however, did not promote its historical status to any great extent.

In later years, inhabitants of the Petrax Quarter tended towards middle-class Humans in the fields of services and manufacturing. After the Battle of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong, a guerrilla resistance movement of former shopkeepers sprung up in the quarter's lower levels.