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Phalaf was a native of Ventooine, an associate of Rov Vetter Piin and part of the resistance against the local rule of the Satabs. Under Piin's guidance, Phalaf attempted to assassinate the wife of the current Satab, Chrysalla. His attempt was foiled by Han Solo, who kept Phalaf from throwing an explosive into her traveling cart. Phalaf was quickly apprehended by the royal guard and brought back to the Satab's palace. Inside the huge building, Phalaf came face to face with the Satab and proclaimed that he would never renounce his beliefs even if he was subjected to torture. The Satab, however, proclaimed that he only wanted to shake the young man's hand.

As the Satab's hands touched Phalaf's skin, he began to rapidly age. The power of the shadeshine gave the Satab the power to accelerate age, and as he brought his hand to Phalaf's neck, the boy became a withered and dried up old man. Han Solo watched in shock as Phalaf aged and then died in the Satab's hands. Phalaf's lifeless body was then carried out of the palace by the royal guard.


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