This article is about the Ripoblus shuttle. You may be looking for the musician later known as Max Rebo.
Shu phantele

Shuttle Phantele after being boarded by an Imperial Transport.

Phantele was a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle beloging to Ripoblus forces during the Sepan Civil War.

In an attempt to end the war by capturing the leaders of the Ripoblus and the Dimok, Imperial forces, under the command of Admiral Harkov, boarded the shuttle Phantele, along with shuttle Keydon towards the end of the Sepan campaign. Following the boarding, Imperial forces did not discover the Ripoblus leaders but instead the children of the Ripoblus leaders aboard Phantele. After the ship was boarded the Phantele was destroyed. The Ripoblus intended to use the children as hostages to seal a treaty between Ripoblus and Dimok factions to join forces against the Imperial intervention.