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"Even a Wookiee can't crush First Order armor."

Phasma's armor was the unique stormtrooper armor of the First Order Captain Phasma.[2] Phasma had the armor polished in chromium, which had been salvaged from a Naboo yacht that had once belonged to Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire,[1] the First Order's precursor.[2]

The chromium finish on the armor helped reduce radiation, but Phasma primarily wore it as a symbol of past power. Phasma also wore her armor with a traditional First Order armorweave cape. Her armor's gauntlets were modified and precision-crafted for crushing.[1] Phasma claimed that not even a Wookiee, beings capable of ripping limbs from their sockets with little effort, could crush this armor when she was threatened, though she chose to relent rather than see if her boast was true.

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