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Phasma's baton was the baton used by Captain Phasma during the First Order–Resistance war.


The quicksilver baton compacted within a containment field owned and carried by Captain Phasma, served essentially for close-quarters combats, like the one her owner had aboard the First Order's flagship Supremacy. When the baton was activated, it extended to full length, boasting spearpoints at either end.[2]


During her service as stormtrooper Captain of the First Order, Phasma chose a quicksilver baton as her personal weapon as it resembled a tribal spear made of quicksilver like the ones that were used by the tribe where she grew up at a mountain range located on the planet Parnassos.[3]

In 34 ABY, when the cruiser Raddus activated the hyperspace mode and destroyed a great part of the Supremacy, Phasma decided to use her baton to fight against Finn now that many of her men had been either incapacitated or killed by the Resistance' ship. Finn, on the other hand, used a Z6 riot control baton of a deceased stormtrooper to combat Phasma. During the battle, despite Phasma's ability with the baton, Finn was able to ultimately strike Phasma down with her weapon, incapacitating her long enough for the ground below her to collapse, sending both Phasma and her baton to a fiery fall.[1]

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