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Phatrong was a terrestrial planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. It was covered in oceans divided by thin and mountainous continents, and was home to the Kyuzo species, who evolved several adaptations to the world's heavy gravity. Phatrong was governed by a loose Kyuzo confederation that elected its senators in the Senate of the Galactic Republic and later its successor, the Imperial Senate; this lasted until the Galactic Empire took direct control over the planet after the Senate's dissolution.

The Kyuzo bounty hunter Embo hailed from this world.


Phatrong was located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, in the vicinity of the planet Yavin and the Gordian Reach.[1]

It was a terrestrial world, with vast oceans divided by thin, mountainous, roughly linear continents that stretched between the planet's poles. Some mountain ranges were bordered by wide plains and low hills, while others steeply rose out of the water, forming fjords and long inland canyons.[1] Phatrong had heavier gravity than the galactic standard[4] and an uncommon atmospheric makeup.[1]


Phatrong was a member of both the Galactic Republic and its successor state, the Galactic Empire. At some point, the Ekaqume clovoc settled a rebellion on the Phatrong's Kambey Plains in a single day. Following the dissolution of the Imperial Senate, the office of the local Imperial governor replaced the confederation and oversaw Phatrong directly, maintaining control using their own forces and only dealing with the clovocs when absolutely necessary. Their reputation made the Empire cautious on Phatrong, and as long as taxes were paid on time, it generally exerted little direct influence over the world. Despite this, Kyuzo rebel sympathizers on Phatrong worked tirelessly to recruit like-minded individuals in hopes that they could bolster the Alliance to Restore the Republic at large and form the core of a major resistance force on their homeworld.[1]


Phatrong was the homeworld of the Kyuzo species,[1] which evolved dense muscle fibers and fast reflexes in the planet's heavy gravity and spoke their own language.[4] Starting with early city-states, the natives developed societies that spanned considerable geographic areas of Phatrong. Kyuzo cities were scattered throughout the continents; most continents and major islands were their own political units and the majority of Kyuzos identified as members of a particular country or region, though they did form a loose confederation that elected the planet's senators in the Senate of the Galactic Republic as well as the Imperial Senate of the Galactic Empire.[1]

Separate from the Kyuzo governments were the clovocs, organizations of warriors and other combatants that had their own traditions and rules outside the political region they inhabited. All forms of Kyuzo government made deals with the clovocs to provide security and military forces. Though they weren't monolithic, as some regions had more traditional structures with integrated militaries, clovocs were common in several of the largest nations. Further, because many Kyuzos who traveled offworld were members of a clovoc, these warrior orders were one of the most recognized elements of Kyuzo culture by the galaxy at large,[1] though many also sought simple lives as farmers and merchants, along with a number of other professions.[4]

Embo, a male Kyuzo who worked as a bounty hunter during the Clone Wars, was from Phatrong.[5]


Gorobe was one of the larger countries on Phatrong; the Gyaryi clovoc held a contract with it for centuries and its ruling members had loyalties to the country's various houses. The inhabitants of southern Phatrong's haunted Kwaidan Peaks originally designed the Kyuzo war shield as a headpiece to protect travelers from torrential rains during monsoon season. However, it was transformed into a defensive weapon by the warriors of the Sulddo, a clovoc that operated in rugged, mountainous territory whose foundational myth claimed their order hailed from the Kwaidan Peaks.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Phatrong was first mentioned in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia, a 2010 Star Wars Legends reference book written by Jason Fry.[6] The world was confirmed to be canon after it was referenced in Embo's entry in the now-discontinued Encyclopedia on[7] The entry was carried over to the Encyclopedia's replacement, the Databank, with its mention of Phatrong intact.[8]



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