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Phaylenn was an Imperial planet near Bespin and Ahlenn.


Phaylenn had stony beaches, tall broadleaf trees in its rainforests, carnivorous animals, meat-eating plants, and quickbogs. It orbited a hot sun, had an average temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, and was very humid. The jungles of the planet contained many hostile creatures, though most were not any larger than Humans. They were still dangerous, however, using their high natural dexterity, keen senses, and razor-sharp talons to make up for their small size.

During the Galactic Civil War, it had a repair yard orbiting it and a standard Imperial Garrison Base on the planet itself. Two weeks after being damaged by Luke Skywalker's forces at Bespin, the Enforcer, and the yards it was being repaired in, were destroyed at Phaylenn by Rebels while it was undergoing repairs.