"We got geared up for Corellia, where the real fight is. Instead, we're protecting these caves from wampas?"
―Phenter, about his assignment to Hoth[src]

Phenter was a male Human Captain of the resurgent Sith Empire living during the Galactic War.


Phenter served under General Greist during the Cleansing of Nopsin, alongside Lieutenant Pierce. The general later promoted Phenter to captain rather than Pierce, but Pierce felt that it was the right decision. By 3961 BBY Greist, Phenter and their men were diverted from the ongoing Battle of Corellia to Hoth by the orders of Darth Baras. The Sith Lord did not have the Empire's best interests in mind, however, so Servant One ordered the Emperor's Wrath to redirect the soldiers back for Corellia. Phenter and Greist were torn between an order from a Dark Councilor and the Emperor himself, but ultimately abandoned Hoth and went to Corellia.