"I would see Voss in other words. Your people bring change."

Phi-Ton was a male Voss living on Voss during the Cold War. He was the brother of Yana-Ton and a son of Bas-Ton and resided in his father's tea house in the Judicial Quarter of the Voss-Ka city. At some point prior to 3641 BBY Bas-Ton was killed and replaced with an impostor by the Imperial Intelligence of the Sith Empire. Neither his children, nor even his brother Therod-Ton ever suspected anything. In 3641 BBY another Imperial Agent, Cipher Nine, made several visits to the teahouse and pretended to become friends with the family. In reality, Cipher required contact and assistance from the Bas-Ton's impostor in their joint mission to track the Shining Man. Bas-Ton's impostor was later killed by Cipher's old enemies and Phi-Ton grieved at the loss, never knowing his father's true fate.

Behind the scenesEdit

Phi-Ton can be romanced by and married if Cipher Nine is female and playing light side.


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