"Now let's get you warmer and then to work. It never gets comfortable here, and you don't quite get used to it, but there are ways to make it liveable."
―General Philap Bygar, describing Echo Base[src]

Rebel general Philap Bygar was a human male who was assigned to Echo Base during the Galactic Civil War. Just prior to the Battle of Hoth, he greeted members of Twilight Company who were escorting defecting Imperial governor Everi Chalis. Bygar made sure to commend the unit for their accomplishments.[1]

When First Sergeant Hazram Namir became involved in a fight at the base, Bygar disciplined the soldier but did not inform Captain Micha "Howl" Evon. Soon after, the Empire invaded the base and Bygar was killed in or after the fighting.[1]

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Philap Bygar first appeared in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.


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