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"This is from a Shikaakwan Pho-V fighter. Scores of them crashed during the Battle of Tython. After the war, we scoured Ashla and Bogan for remains."
―Rori Fenn[src]

The Shikaakwan Pho-V fighter was a craft used by the Despot Army during the Despot War.


The Pho-V fighter was a model of starfighter that used an ion drive and was powered by a fusion reactor.


This craft was used during the final battle of the Despot War, where several had crashed on the moon Bogan. After the war, many wrecks were removed, however one near intact example was found by the exiled Je'daii Daegen Lok who kept its existence a secret.The design was still in service 12 years after the Despot War ended, as several fighters served among the Je'daii forces which attacked Ska Gora during the Rakatan invasion of the Tython system.


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