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This article is about the Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier. You may be looking for the Pelta-class frigate with the same name.
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Phoenix Home[3], also known as Phoenix Nest[4] was an Imperial light carrier[6] used by the Galactic Empire as a mobile base of operations to periodically launch bombers on the planet Ryloth. Three years before the Battle of Yavin[7] the Spectres, alongside Cham Syndulla of the Free Ryloth movement, stole the ship for the rebellion.

The carrier, now a part of the growing rebel fleet, was used to house the A-wings of Phoenix Squadron, and was repainted by the rebel Sabine Wren to show its new affiliation.[2] The cruiser-carrier and the rest of the Phoenix rebel fleet were later attacked by Imperial forces under Admiral Kassius Konstantine. The cruiser-carrier later hosted the Spectres' starship, the Ghost, which had returned with stolen fuel supplies from Horizon Base. After Commander Jun Sato and Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla received information from the inventory droid AP-5 that the Imperials had set a trap in the Yost system, the starship fled with the rest of the rebel fleet to the planet Atollon.[3]

Six months later,[7] Commander Sato mobilized the fleet to assist Ezra Bridger's team in a scouting mission at Reklam Station. The team managed to land their newly-captured BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bombers aboard the carrier. Once everyone was accounted for, the fleet returned to Chopper Base.[8] The carrier was later destroyed during the Battle of Atollon, where Commander Sato crashed it into an Interdictor cruiser in order to provide an opening for Ezra Bridger to escape the system.


In the third year before the Battle of Yavin[9] this light carrier was stationed at Ryloth. There it was used by the Galactic Empire to house the TIE bombers that bombarded Ryloth's surface.[2]

Hijacking of the Light CarrierEdit

Phoenix Squadron leader, Commander Jun Sato, learned of the carrier and suggested that Phoenix Leader, Captain Hera Syndulla, that the Spectres should steal the ship with help from the Free Ryloth movement. Syndulla then contacted the movement's leader and her father, General Cham Syndulla to arrange the theft. Together, the specters and Syndulla's team planned to infiltrate the light carrier. However, Cham wanted to blow the light carrier as message to his people, but went along with his daughter's plan to steal the carrier instead.[2]

Using a stolen TIE bomber, Syndulla's team and the Spectres were able to board the carrier when the bombers left on their bombing run. They then pretended to be under attack by a pair A-wings and request an emergency landing. After their crash landing, Sabine Wren discovered that Syndulla and his team were planning on destroying it with detonators instead. Syndulla then tied up his daughter while Gobi Glie and Numa stunned the rest of the Spectres. However, the Spectres were able to come to and continue their mission to take the carrier.[2]

While Wren and Garazeb Orrelios subdued Gobi and Numa, Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger and Hera then went to the carrier's bridge. There, Bridger was able to use a mind trick to force the carrier's commander to order his crew to abandon ship. Hera then attempted to jump into hyperspace, but her father had disable the hyperdrive. However, Syndulla was then convinced by his daughter to allow the rebellion to use it against the Empire instead of destroying it. Together, the Spectres and Syndulla's team then manned the carrier's turbolaser against the returning TIE bombers.[2]

Despite damage to the carrier's stabilizers, the Spectres and Syndulla's team were able to take control of the carrier. However, the carrier was then confronted by a Imperial light cruiser. While Chopper repaired the hyperdrive, Syndulla then met up with Bridger and Wren. Together they rigged their stolen TIE bomber and Syndulla then destroyed as it went toward the light cruiser. After the light cruiser went down into Ryloth's atmosphere, the carrier then went into hyperspace and joined with Phoenix Squadron.[2]


The hangar in Phoenix Home after it was captured by The Rebellion.

Search for a new baseEdit

The carrier then became the new flagship of Phoenix Squadron, designated as Phoenix Home. However, Phoenix Home did not have enough fuel to reach Berzite's moon in the Yost system. The Spectres then acquired the needed fuel from the Imperial Depot at Horizon Base. Phoenix Home along with the rest of the fleet then came under attack by the Imperial fleet under Admiral Kassius Konstantine. Despite difficulty, the Ghost was able to refuel Phoenix Home. At the last minute, Chopper and AP-5 then told them about the ambush in the Yost system and suggested that Atollon would be a safer destination.[3]

Phoenix Home then provided the Ghost with power generators for the new base.[10]

Theft of Y-Wing BombersEdit

During the Mission to Reklam Station, the carrier arrived over Yarma to help transport stolen Y-wings. After the Y-wings landed, the carrier jumped to hyperspace.


During the Battle of Atollon the carrier's commander, Jun Sato, realizing that they were losing the battle, evacuated the ship, so that he and two crew members could sacrifice themselves by ramming their ship into Konstantine's Interdictor cruiser, destroying both vessels, and allowing Lieutenant Commander Ezra Bridger to jump to hyperspace and call for reinforcements.

Behind the scenesEdit

The carrier appears in the Star Wars Rebels animated television series, first appearing in the episode "Homecoming".



Notes and referencesEdit

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