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The Phoenix Plasma Punch was a plasma-based cutting tool invented by Madel Wharen of the Drever Corporation. The Phoenix was designed to cut circular holes in virtually any material, including magnetically sealed materials. The hole was cut by a circular stream of plasma energy, and could have any diameter from three to 30 centimeters. The power requirements of the Phoenix were extremely high, such that it could only be activated twice, and for a maximum usage time of ten minutes before it required a full six hour recharge. This, combined with the fact that the plasma stream was only projected over a very short distance, meant that the Phoenix was highly impractical for use as a weapon.

Despite these drawbacks, the Phoenix Plasma Punch was widely considered to be the safest and most effective method of breaching magnetically sealed materials. As such, the device was prized by Imperial Customs personnel for boarding uncooperative vessels. Although the device consistently received good reviews from those who used it, the Drever Corporation did not do an adequate job of promoting the Phoenix Plasma Punch, and as a result sales of the product were unsatisfactory.