"You're just not part of the business if you're not interested in making deals. And if you're not interested in making deals, you're just part of the problem"
―Phoggus Maxx[src]

Phoggus Maxx, or Phoggy, also known as The King of the Back Alley Deals, was a con man roaming the back alleys of Nexus City on Entralla, looking to make profitable deals with shady characters.

Maxx had specialized in procuring forbidden or restricted commodities, and he was quite adept at that. His success was largely due to a vast network of connections at the lower ranks of spaceport employees such as loaders, techs and laborers who had no scruples providing him with stolen goods from their work place. He would sometimes also work as an intermediary between buyers and sellers who could not, for various reasons, risk being seen together, earning a few extra credits that way.

Maxx dealings often got him into trouble with the authorities as well as criminal organizations. For example, the swoop gang known as the Afterburners took it upon themselves to keep an eye out on Maxx in order to protect the locals in the region near the starport of Nexus City called Overhang against the likes of Phoggy Maxx.