"Many Imperial officers have learned - the hard way - that seizing a Belt pirate vessel may be the last thing their ship's log will ever record."
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Leo Bellsfar SWJ5

Leo Bellsfar was the Pirate King during the Galactic Civil War.

The Phosphura Belt Pirates, also referred to as the Belt Pirates, were a group of pirates roaming the Phosphura Belt Nebula. During the Galactic Civil War, they were under the command of Leo Bellsfar. In this period they were a thorn in the side of the Galactic Empire.

Originally under the leadership of Arvo Norstrag, the Belt Pirates lived according to a strict honor system called the Buccaneer Code. They also abided by a strict set of rules to settle internal disputes and conduct businesses, referred to as the Rules of the Blade.

The Belt pirates had a rigid chain of command. Their supreme commander was called the King or Queen of the Phosphura Belt Pirates. The King or Queen was assisted by Buccaneers who often served to command the pirates more directly and pass on the King's or Queen's orders.

The Belt pirates usually operated in the thick gaseous mists of the Phosphura Belt thus remaining hidden from enemy forces. They also had several caches placed at strategic locations in the nebula, allowing them to repair and restock should it be necessary.

When a prize was taken in combat, the Belt pirate captain had three choices: 1) destroy the ship, 2) abandon it and leave it adrift, and 3) take it intact. Prizes that were taken intact would be brought to one of the pirates' repair facilities where it would be stripped of components or upgraded and made part of the pirate fleet. Components would be used to repair or modify ships in the pirate fleet or they would be sold on the black market. Cargo would also be sold if the pirates had no need for it. In the Galactic Civil War, cargo and components originating from prizes taken by the Belt pirates were quite common on the black market in Zirtran's Anchor.

These pirates devised one of the most common pirate dueling codes, called the Rules of the Blade.