Whiphids playing Phrenbi

Whiphids playing Phrenbi on Neftali

Phrenbi was a Corellian sport popular among the Whiphids who lived on the planet Neftali. Each match involved four teams, each trying to get a large ball or rock- known as a b'rrsk -into the opponent’s goal, known as a g'rile. The term phrenbi meant "to decapitate" when loosely translated to Basic. Each side started with 15-20 players, yet the physical nature of the sport meant casualties were inevitable. If unable to continue playing, a phrenbi player had to leave the field of play and could not return or be replaced. Different formats had teams paired against each other, or players riding on mounts, usually a bantha or an olai, and moving the b'rrsk around using long sticks called Urran. In the basic sport, a phrenbi match was divided into three 30-minute periods. If more than fifteen injuries occurred that caused dismissed players, the game was called on account of attrition.