"The metals mined here are used all over the galaxy. From armor to structural siding, phrik metal is used everywhere."
―Chief Administrator droid, F-TO[src]

The phrik metal mine was located on the planet Tatooine on the northern edge of the Jundland Wastes, in quadrant one on the Tatooine navigation system. Here, the rare metallic compound of phrik was harvested, and then refined and purified. It was operated by the chief administrator droid, F-TO.


At some point in the Galactic Civil War, the mine's reactor was sabotaged by an older-model Imperial Assassin Droid, but a Rebel droid builder disguised as a Jawa quickly programmed a droid to repair the reactor. Although the assassin droid attempted to prevent the Rebel droid's repairs, the droid was able to defend itself by launching the assassin droid into the mine's primary furnace.


Buried in an enormous cavern deep below the Tatooine surface, the phrik mine held several key features.



The mine's fusion reactor.

The mine was powered by a laser-powered fusion reactor, consisting of three platforms. Each platform consisted of a generator that continuously fired three lasers into a mirror, which reflected the beams into the reactor. The platforms were mounted with control baffle plates, allowing the lasers to be blocked in order to shut down the reactor if necessary.

Mass LancherEdit


The mass lancher.

A mass launcher was used to hurl excess metal into the mine's large furnace. It was monitored by a control room, which could be used to call objects to the launcher via an electro-magnetic tram. The controls on the side of the launcher allowed adjustment of the launcher's power levels and trajectory angle.