Pier Green was a docking area of the city Bartyn's Landing in Lamaredd. It was close to Center Sphere District and was used by wealthy residents to dock their luxury boats, under the watchful eye of official dockmasters.


The fishing city of Bartyn's Landing was built c. 529 BBY using a Hoersch-Kessel LH-3010 capital freighter as a basis. The founder used his mining droids to place the three-kilometer ship in the shore of a stretch, with the bow in the water. He thus created a dock for his town.[1]

Eventually, the dock would be divided in several smaller docks, with Pier Green becoming one of them. Pier Green was commonly the place where rich citizens parked their luxury boats.[2] Meanwhile, fishermen preferred to go to The Three Jetties.[1]

In 29 BBY, the yacht Tria Blue, belonging to Bartyn's descendant and successor Guther Bartyn, was harbored in Pier Green, under dockmaster Howe Walwahd and with special security agents onboard. Two native Menahuun stowawayed on the ship, killed the watchers and prepared to sabotage the ship.[2]


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