"Therefore if you want beskar, you must take Mandalore. But that inevitably proves easier to say than to do."
―Pilas Manaitis on beskar iron[src]

Pilas Manaitis was the author of a document detailing the attributes of various galactic materials entitled Strategic Resources of the Galaxy. Among the resources Manaitis discussed was the powerful ore known as beskar, a unique and nearly indestructible metal native to the planet Mandalore. Knowledgeable of the various characteristics and uses of beskar, Manaitis also noted that the secrets of making the most of beskar remained solely with the Mandalorian people, going so far as to suggest that outside forces interested in acquiring mass amounts of beskar would be best served by conquering Mandalore itself. However, the author also noted that the Mandalorian residents of the Outer Rim world would make such an endeavor difficult and costly.[1]

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Pilas Manaitis was first introduced to Star Wars canon via an epigraph in the Republic Commando novel Imperial Commando: 501st, written by Karen Traviss and published October 27, 2009.[1]


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