The Pilgrim's Road was the name given by residents of Niima Outpost to an old happabore trail that ran through the Goazon Badlands region of the desert planet Jakku. Following the road through the Badlands would lead to the Sacred Villages located beyond Kelvin Ravine, an area which bordered the Goazon. The only points of interest along the trails route were the watering hole known as Old Meru's and a pillar of stone located near the Carbon Ridge that was home to the individual known only as the Sitter. Around thirty years after the Battle of Endor, the scavenger Rey wrote about the road in a survival guide she compiled, including an image and noting that she had only ever seen the road used by other scavengers trying to reach the Graveyard of Ships, never by actual pilgrims.[1]

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The Pilgrim's Road was first mentioned in Rey's Survival Guide, a replica journal written by Jason Fry with illustration by Andrew Barthelmes that was released in 2015.



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