"We serve the Empire because the Empire serves us."
―Pilia Tonth[src]

Pilia Tonth was the captain of the Imperial Survey Corps Far*Reach IV PQR Wanderer at the time of its crash on the crystalline world of Isis.


Pilia Tonth was a small, sturdy woman with short black hair and a pixie nose. As the daughter of a member of the Imperial Navy, Tonth received an easy appointment with the Imperial Survey Corps based on nepotism rather than ability. For this reason, Tonth wanted promotion to a position which she believed was more worthy of someone of her ability.

Personality and traitsEdit

Tonth was a serious woman who enjoyed puzzles, but became annoyed when stumped. She saw herself as someone doing an important job rather than a reckless adventurer, but was willing to risk her ship and crew to get promotion out of the Survey Corps.


Notes and referencesEdit

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