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Physical and technical specifications

Foam,[1] gort feathers,[2] velvet,[3] silk[4]

Other markings

Could be white[5]. yellow,[4] or red in color[4][3]

Usage and history

Support for sleep[6]


A pillow was an object which came in various sizes and shapes, ranging from very small pillows to protect or display small items,[3] to those used to support an individual's head when lying down to rest or sleep,[6] to pillows large enough to accommodate a humanoid being's entire body[8] or serve as items of furniture unto themselves.[9]


Padme ep2nitegown

Padmé Amidala in her bed, her pillows behind her.

Contrary to the spartan lifestyle of many Jedi, Valenthyne Farfalla had a lavish bedroom including bedding and pillows made of yellow and red silk.[4] The aspiring Sith Set Harth had a perfumed pillow.[10]

During the Clone Wars, padawans Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee would keep their lightsabers beneath their pillows as they slept.[11]

A Gallofree Yards GR-75 medium transport, the Bright Hope, had white pillows in its storage lockers, along with bantha-wool blankets.[5]

The most comfortable chair ever designed, as of 5 ABY, was described as a sort of large floating pillow. Han Solo had one such chair at his sky house.[9]

When Han Solo absconded with Leia Organa in 8 ABY, Luke Skywalker used a psychometric imprint from Solo's pillow as one of the clues to track him down.[12] Han Solo regularly kept a blaster under his pillow while he slept,[1][13] and Ben Skywalker occasionally kept a vibroblade under his pillow.[6]

The Amulet of Kalara originally rested on a red velvet pillow until it was taken from its display case on Almania by Faskus Olvidan.[3]

Pillows could be made of a variety of materials, including foam that could yellow over time,[1] gort feathers,[2] velvet,[3] and silk.[4]



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