"My squad will stand behind me."

Piloc was a male Human lieutenant of the First Battalion in the Fifth Infantry of the Imperial Military. In 3643 BBY Piloc and his unit were stationed on Balmorra where they were sent to retrieve the plans for a neutron detonator from the ruins of Bugtown. Unfortunately, Piloc's incompetence led to Private Suzoku and half of his battalion killed by the mutated Colicoids infesting the area. Piloc was unable to convince Privates Ganbar and Erelut of his squad to go in again, even after he shot Private Camm for ignoring his order. To accomplish the objective, Piloc was forced to seek help from Imperial forces at Camp Vogel.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lieutenant Piloc on Balmorra appears in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, providing Imperial players with the Heroic mission "A Question of Motivation." In the mission log, Piloc is erroneously stated to be located at the "Spire Swamp Overlook" in the Gorinth Canyon, despite the Spire Swamp being another name for the Markaran Wastes in the Markaran Plains and Piloc himself being located in Bugtown.