The pilotta thranta was one of the several species of thranta that were native to the planet Alderaan, which was destroyed by the Galactic Empire, and thus became extinct. They were considered the second largest of the thranta species, smaller only than the great thranta.

Unlike the other species of thranta, the pilotta thranta possessed black skin on its dorsal side, while it had white skin on its underside. Their noses were short and pointed. The tails of the beasts were also somewhat different as they possessed three lobes instead of the four that were present on the common thranta and balana thranta. Like its cousins, the pilotta species would be trained to carry passengers with a compartment hanging from their bodies.

Holograms of the pilotta thranta and many other species that suffered extinction in the destruction of Alderaan were displayed at the Holographic Zoo of Extinct Animals. Lyrre T'enna used the streams there to create sketches to be compiled in a field guide.


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