The Pinett Freedom Force was an organization that was formed by some of the inhabitants of the moon Pinett during the time of the Galactic Civil War, to peacefully protest against the actions of the Corsignis Property Alliance and the Jon-Tow Economic Development Group, two rival factions that had blockaded Pinett as result of a trade dispute. The protesters attempted to prevent Corsignis and Jon-Tow starships from landing on Pinett and the group's leader, the Rodian Daetan Taakses, went on a hunger strike. During this period, a group of agents traveled to Pinett and on their arrival on the world, they were greeted by a delegation from the Freedom Force. However, a group of port workers, who were disgruntled by the Freedom Force's disruption of trade on Pinett, attacked the delegation and attempted to kill Taakses, in an attempt to bring the protest to an end. The agents intervened and they saved Taakses.

A short time afterward, a small group of Freedom Force protesters occupied the landing pad A-13, in an attempt to prevent ships from landing on the pad. However, they inadventently activated a tractor beam in the pad, pulling a Jon-Tow freighter out of orbit and sending the vessel hurtling towards Pinett. The newly-arrived agents tried to prevent the freighter from crashing, and Taakses subsequently requested that the agents help the Freedom Force to bring the trade dispute to a resolution.