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"I-I-I'm a rock miner! Just a…just a rock miner…"

"Pinky" was the insulting term used to label an undercover male Human Jedi Knight during the days of the Republic Classic era. A servant of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order, this man liberated Horn Station from the tyranny of Shoto Eyefire.


"I bet your ship never needed any repairs, either."
―Kirry to "Pinky"[src]

"Pinky" fights his way through the arena.

Discovered to be Force-sensitive before being taken to the Coruscant Jedi Temple's academy, this individual was trained in the ways of the Force before becoming a Padawan. Eventually passing his Trials of Knightood and becoming a Jedi Knight, this man had crafted for himself a green-bladed lightsaber. As a Knight, this individual took on missions from the Jedi High Council and worked well undercover.[1]

At some point in his career, this Jedi was dispatched to the planet of Horn Station, a world under the tyrannic rule of Shoto Eyefire. Disguised as a stammering miner, he would claim that he was forced to land on the world and make some repairs to his hauler. As he was waiting for spare parts, he rested himself in a local cantina where he met Kirry, a Human female who seemed specially interested in his company. He also got in trouble when a brute called Kerlo tried to rob him. Due to the incident with Kerlo, he was invited to a duel with the world's ruler, Shoto Eyefire. While he was armed with shaped charges, the Jedi was forced to draw his lightsaber to defeat Eyefire and his guards. Destroying the arena with the charges and blasting Eyefire in the kneecaps, the Jedi was successful in liberating the world from the tyrant's reign of oppression. Returning to his ship, the Jedi appeared dressed in traditional robes and no longer had the stammer of his miner guise. The woman who he had befriended, Kirry, asked him what his real name was; he swore that he would tell her the next time he saw her.[1]


"Pinky" leaves Horn Station.

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"Pinky" is not really the character's name, but is what Kerlo calls him while mocking him.



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