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Pinnacle Keep

Pinnacle keep and an Imperial patrol.

Pinnacle Keep was the Imperial detention center of Gellefon. It was located in a hollowed-out crag far from Kig Dannen Spaceport, and away from prying eyes. Governor Schennt originally had the facility built to hold captured members of Aran Starfire's resistance group, the Gellefon Freedom Fighters, but few of them ever survived to be captured. The center is guarded by 30 stormtroopers, 15 Imperial troopers, 4 Gellbeasts, and 4 probe droids.

When Deep Ear were captured after stealing the Death Star II's plans, they were transported to the Pinnacle Keep center. While Schennt thought that this was a high honor, it was in fact a ploy by the Emperor who knew that the Rebels would be able to free the Bothans from the Keep. True to his feelings, rebels led by Jade and Borsk Fey'lya did indeed free the Bothans with the help of the Freedom Fighters.