Pinoora was a planet located into the Pinoora system of the Gordian Reach sector between Torque and Selitan. It was located at the junction of the Pinooran Spur and the Junction-Tierrel Loop just north of the Denarii Nebula.[1] It served as one of the most strategic trade worlds in the Gordian Reach and was known as an active entertainment hub for spacers between hyperspace jumps.

The planet was inhabited by hardy insects that were domesticated by Human colonists for their meat, eggs, and chitin, which could be used to make ceramics.[1]


During the Blockade of Yavin in 0 ABY, a Mon Calamari task force attacked Imperial units stationed on the planet, to assist in the evacuation of the Rebels.[1]

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While its location is placed in The Essential Atlas, the name of the planet is not marked on the map for the Gordian Reach.



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