Lieutenant Major Pirell was a Human male who served as an officer in the resurgent Sith Empire's navy during the Cold War. During the Battle of Balmorra, he was assistant to the naval attaché of the governor of Balmorra and head of intelligence of Imperial military forces on the planet.[2]

He had an Imperial bounty hunter to help him surpass his superior, Colonel Sartius and to impress Admiral Ivernus. Little did he know, however, was that this bounty hunter was a competitor in the Great Hunt and that their target was Ivernus himself. Pirrell had this bounty hunter cause many mishaps on Sartius's missions, causing Ivernus to personally come to the planet to execute Pirrell, instead of promoting him. This opportunity allowed the hunter to eliminate Ivernus.

After Pirrell found out about the hunter's true intentions, he attempted to escape, however the hunter killed him.


Notes and referencesEdit

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