The Piryn Shar sector was a sector located within the Expansion Region region of the galaxy. Its Coreward boundary bordered the Vatha sector, and, moving clockwise, it also bordered the Vensensor, Sombure, and Oriolan sectors and the Har Worlds.[1] One major hyperspace route, the Great Gran Run, passed through the sector.[2] The area within the sector was within space that was considered well-explored by 25 BBY,[6] and it was within space controlled by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.[4] In 4 ABY, Nagai raiders and Tof forces passed through the sector, moving down the Great Gran Run toward Endor.[7] In 25 ABY the average population of a star system in the sector ranged from less than one million to as much as 500 million.[8] It contained the Noe'ha'on system,[1] which contained Noe'ha'on, the jungle homeworld of the sentient Noehon species.[3] It also contained the Natalon and Ohratuu systems.[1]


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